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Boy from Oz

Tribute Act

Boy From Oz: An Acoustic Tribute to Peter Allen and the Heart of Australian Music

Immerse yourself in the quintessential spirit of Australian music with "Boy From Oz," a captivating solo performance by the talented Mike Escober. This show is more than just a musical act; it's a journey through the heart and soul of Australia, seen through the eyes of an American artist deeply influenced by the rich tapestry of Australian culture and music.

Solo act with acoustic guitar over backing tracks. 1-2 hour show.

Over the course of a 1-2 hour show, Mike Escober, armed with just his acoustic guitar and a collection of carefully crafted backing tracks, brings to life the legendary works of Peter Allen along with a selection of classics from other great Australian songwriters. His performance is not just a tribute but a unique interpretation, blending his own cultural perspective with the timeless essence of Australian music.

“Boy From Oz” offers a rare blend of intimate storytelling and musical mastery. Mike’s deep appreciation for the music and his skillfull guitar play offer a fresh, engaging take on well-loved classics. The show is perfectly suited for a wide range of venues – from cozy cafes and sophisticated bars to larger theaters and special events. It promises to draw in not only fans of Peter Allen and Australian music but also those who appreciate heartfelt performances and acoustic renditions.

This show is a perfect opportunity for your venue to host an evening that’s not only a musical delight but also a cultural experience. It’s a chance to celebrate the songs that have shaped an entire nation, all through the unique lens of an artist who has found his own home in the heart of this music. “Boy From Oz” is an ideal fit for venues looking to offer their audience something both familiar and refreshingly new, a performance that resonates with a wide demographic and leaves a lasting impression.

Don’t miss the chance to feature “Boy From Oz” at your venue – a show where music, emotion, and cultural exchange come together to create an unforgettable experience. Book now and join us on this musical odyssey through the land down under!

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Boy From Oz

Tribute Act